Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen and Bathroom in India

Got home with little or no ventilation? Don’t worry. The majority of us face that issue. Over the last few decades, the human population has grown significantly worldwide and exceptionally large in countries like India and China. India being smaller in terms of land availability, needs more houses as compared to other countries. More homes … Read more

Elica Vs Faber Kitchen Chimney | Proper Guide

Indian cooking is not limited to our ‘Desi Khanna’ anymore. With changing times, our love for food is leading us to experiment with creative recipes. Every day hundreds of new recipes are evolving. However, all this innovation with a variety of spices, curry, and greasy food is happening right in our kitchen. Therefore, we need … Read more

Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney

Staying for hours in the kitchen to cook delicious meals for yourself and your family is a hectic task, especially with all the smoke that spreads inside your kitchen while cooking.  In fact, not just while cooking but after cooking, we often observe stubborn oily grease on the kitchen tiles and floor that’s quite difficult … Read more

Benefits of Chimney in a Kitchen

Are you still facing issues of unwanted smell and smoke while cooking? Or want to convert your traditional kitchen into a modular one? Or still, using that old exhaust fan in your kitchen to get rid of smoke or irritating smell? Then you are at the right spot. Here, we will discuss the Benefits of … Read more

How to Clean An Auto Clean Chimney

Kitchen Chimneys are such a wonderful piece of technical craftsmanship. It was once considered a huge luxury but right now it is used in almost all households.   The Concept of Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys So far kitchen chimneys have technically evolved so much, and are now equipped with advanced filters and the auto-clean or … Read more