Benefits of Chimney in a Kitchen

Are you still facing issues of unwanted smell and smoke while cooking? Or want to convert your traditional kitchen into a modular one? Or still, using that old exhaust fan in your kitchen to get rid of smoke or irritating smell? Then you are at the right spot. Here, we will discuss the Benefits of Chimney in the Kitchen. With the help of Kitchen Chimney, your kitchen becomes cleaner and more representative.

Nowadays, like the food processor, and refrigerator, Kitchen Chimney also marked its role in the kitchen. Its elegant and sleek design makes your guests amazed. Let us see how this sassy and smart kitchen appliance benefitted you in day-to-day life.


Benefits of Chimney

Want your kitchen free from dust and bad smell? Then surely kitchen chimneys will be more useful for this purpose. Kitchen chimneys were introduced in India in the year 1993. But in 1999-2000 we got the advanced feature of kitchen chimneys. No doubt, it comes with a heavy price tag for it. So questions like “Advantages of kitchen chimneys” will arise in your mind.

Electric kitchen chimneys play an important role in making your cooking experience happy. And, if you are still confused about the benefits of Chimney in the Kitchen. Then, need not worry, this section serves you a full-fledge list of advantages of Chimney in the Kitchen. So, to know more keep reading the below-mentioned facts.


  • Ensures Protection And Safety For Your Kitchen Tiles

Do you own a kitchen with beautiful décor? And if yes, then it is obvious to be obsessed with your precious kitchen tiles. So, Kitchen Chimney will be your expert caretaker for your tiles. Kitchen Chimneys proved themselves a blessing for the kitchen, especially for the Indian kitchens.

As we Indians can die for spicy and tasty food. And, that is made up of blended oil and spices. That ultimately results in fumes that come up while cooking. These fumes make kitchen tiles dirty and sticky. Not even the files it does not spare your kitchen floor and cabinet covers.

Now the question is how they protect tiles, floor, and cabinet covers from such dirt? So, here is the answer, the kitchen chimney will going to suck all the oil and fumes inside it. And, that results in keeping your tiles and cabinets non-sticky.


  • Keep Your Kitchen Walls Clean And Spotless

Still not have a Kitchen Chimney in your cooking hub. Then, you must be trying to get rid of spots on your kitchen walls. And, this will continue to be happening due to smoke and fumes which comes up while cooking and stick to the wall. Moreover, within a few weeks, both smoke and fumes make your kitchen wall and roof black.

But you need to take tension because you have Kitchen Chimney with you as your cleaning assistant. It has a feature of strong suction capacity which results in clean and dirt-free kitchen walls.


  • Say Bye-Bye to Unwanted Smell

The kitchen chimney has a notable ability of strong suction. It ensures to the removal of all unwanted and bad smells while cooking. That keeps your home free from any bad odor.  All you need to press a button on the switch on your chimney. Even you can adjust its suction range as a slow, medium, or fast as per your requirement.

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  • Makes Your Kitchen Experience Better

Sometimes the person who cooks food got a sneezing attack. The main reason for this is smoke or that strong aroma floats in your kitchen while cooking. Even, sometimes it results in watery and reddish eyes while deep frying the food or smoke while cooking.

Hence, kitchen chimneys were invented to make you free from such problems. And, making your cooking experience better as it absorbs all the smoke and irritating smell in just a few seconds.


  • The Best Companion To Keep A Track Of Your Health

Kitchen-based air pollution is a considerable issue for keeping track of the health of loved ones. While cooking fumes are released which are a combination of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and VOCs, etc. And, that can result in breathing issues for a long time.

But the kitchen chimney completes its duty by keeping a check on air pollution. It enables you to cook and enjoy healthy cooking and eating. If your kitchen has an electronic kitchen chimney then you need not worry for your kids and old-aged members of your family.


  • Adorable And Sleek Design

Kitchen Chimney is a beautiful addition to your cooking area. Its elegant and sleek design gives your kitchen a more stylish décor. In addition to this, it does not require extra space for installation as it has to fit over the gas stove.

There is no second thought that the kitchen chimney plays various roles for you and your loved ones. But it’s the rule of the universe that everything comes with pros and cons so as with Kitchen Chimney too. Let us have a look at the disadvantages of Kitchen Chimney.


Disadvantages of Chimney


  • High Price

The kitchen chimney itself is a wonder with lots of features for you. But these features result in an extra burden on your pocket.

Every household has a dream to have the best-featured modular kitchen. But everyone can’t afford it. As prices of this kitchen appliance little high then your expectations. Even you need to spend a good amount on its maintenance.


  • Unbearable Irritating Noise

Kitchen chimneys cause headaches as their suction feature creates a loud and irritating noise. When you increase its pressure level this sound increases. And, that is not bearable for everyone. This factor reduces the desire of users to own it.


  • Difficult To Clean

The kitchen Chimney sucks up grease, fumes, and an odor due to cooking. And, this makes the chimney window full of dirt and stickiness. For cleaning this you may require multiple attempts frequently. Moreover, it’s a little difficult to clean its filter area as for this you have to call an expert.


  • Maintenance and Repairs

Kitchen chimneys have aesthetic appeal. And to maintain this you need to spend an extra portion of your budget. Moreover, you need to call a skilled worker for its repair and maintenance.

Sometimes any of the chimney parts got loose or useless. Then you have to face the problem of non-availability of that part in your nearby locality or markets. Or else you have to spend some extra amount for getting that product from the company.


  • Confusion About Choosing The Best

Each of us faces a problem of confusion while buying the product. And, it’s obvious to look out for more options to choose the best-fitted kitchen chimney within your budget. As we know many leading brands launched their products with multiple features.

But it creates confusion among the buyers regarding the selection of chimneys. Because every product has one or two unique features with a different price range. This disadvantage sometimes forces the user to drop the idea of having a chimney.


  • A Big Amount Of Electricity Bill

Usage of Kitchen Chimney results in more electricity consumption. And, that in turn lead to heavy electricity bills due to which buyer have to think twice while buying it.

However, electricity consumption depends upon the motor and usage by you. If you use it rarely there is no fear of huge electricity bills and if you use it regularly then you need to look at your budget. Even the same goes in the case of motor capacity.


  • Issues At The Time of Installation

This is the biggest disadvantage of the kitchen chimney. Everyone has a pre-constructed kitchen or some have a traditional look kitchen. So, at the time of its installation and fitting user have to modify its kitchen décor. And, that can be a costly and tedious affair.

And, if you already have an open kitchen then you need a special space to install it. As it can be installed over the gas stove to suck up all the toxic items. Even, a modular kitchen needs extra space and different fittings for its installation.

If you can deal with these disadvantages then you can have a kitchen chimney as a part of the stylish kitchen.


Whether to buy or not – It’s your choice

Nowadays lifestyle and technology walk hand in hand. Even our home and kitchen appliances like kitchen chimneys are a result of this partnership. On a serious note, you can go for having a kitchen chimney as its advantages have more weightage than that disadvantages.

But a piece of advice before ending this article. Just make sure you go for a proper makeover for your kitchen. Because this sleek and elegant-looking kitchen chimney never looks appealing in an old and dirty kitchen. And, if still, you are not sure about owning a kitchen chimney then go for the demo at your nearby store of any brand.

I hope this piece of knowledge will help you in making a firm decision whether to buy or not. If we still missed covering any point just write your feedback or points in the comment section below. So wish you a happy experience with Kitchen Chimney.

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