Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen and Bathroom in India

Got home with little or no ventilation? Don’t worry. The majority of us face that issue.

Over the last few decades, the human population has grown significantly worldwide and exceptionally large in countries like India and China. India being smaller in terms of land availability, needs more houses as compared to other countries. More homes mean further requirements of better ventilation and better airflow all over the place to maintain the home without odor and better air quality by reducing the risk of producing bacteria due to stagnant air.

This brings us to the need to have a device dedicated to this purpose solely. These devices are better known as exhaust fans, usually installed in a kitchen or bathroom where they are required the most. In India, it is a must-have for your kitchens; due to the type of oily and spicy food we eat, and bathrooms; to keep them bacteria-free.

Let’s see a few of the best exhaust fans available both for our kitchens and bathrooms to keep the air in our house flowing and clean.


Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen and Bathroom in India


1. Luminous Vento Deluxe 10 Inch (250 mm) Blade Size Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office (White)

Luminous established itself in the Indian market a long time ago and has successfully delivered the best quality products since then. The Luminous Vento Delux is also one of its kind with a 250mm blade and a powerful airflow of 720 CMM. With five polypropylene blades generating 1300 RPM, the fan can sweep 250mm of air, which is the best in the price range considering the kitchen and bathroom.

Although with the drawback of being a little more noise than its competitors, its power consumption is relatively less, ranging to approx 40W. The two-year guarantee and the color options make purchasing this fan wiser. The exhaust fan model comes with a 100 percent copper winding motor with a high suction capacity. As a result, the fan becomes durable enough to carry out fast suction.

The main factor that makes this fan durable is that the lightweight product is rust-proof and can be maintained with dust safety flaps. The unit is supplied with a broad-scale vent with large dimensions.  It works well with all kinds of walls, be it any background. Overall, this device is worthy, appealing, effective, and, most of all, long-lasting.


1300 RPM

30 Watt Power

Two years warranty


A little noisy


2. Luminous Ventilation Vento 250mm Ventilation Fan (Black)

As already stated above, Luminous company is known for its quality product. The Luminous Ventilation Vento 250mm isn’t as efficient as the luminous Vento Delux but does the job even better by being more silent. The ventilation Vento comes in black color weighing around 3.5 Kg, which is slightly heavier than its competitors. This motor is more potent than the Vento Delux, resulting in more power consumption and a high electricity bill.

Both the products are the same even while talking about the build quality; they both are made of polypropylene. RPM in this model varies depending on the power supply between 1300-1500, whereas it was limited to just 1300 in Vento Delux. The number of blades and size is similar to that of the Vento Delux, measuring around 250 mm.

Dust protector shutter is a significant upgrade seen in the new luminous serious that significantly protects the fan from acquiring unwanted dust. Two years warranty makes it a deal maker for exhausts of these kinds.


Light Weight

Easy to install

Less noise


High power requirement.


3. Havells Ventilair DB 300mm Exhaust Fan (Pista Green)

The feature that makes Havells Ventilair DB 300mm more attractive is the color in which it is available. Pista Green color is quite rare for an exhaust fan but adds the modern looks to your house with a retro look. Unlike other fans on our list, this one is made entirely out of metal, comprising a complete steel body.

This fan’s most attractive features are the high-powered 70W motor with dual ball bearing with a bird grill protection in front with 36 spokes placed at regular intervals to avoid damage. This fan’s best use is in the kitchen as the oily vapors can easily be cleaned off from metal compared to plastic. This fan’s size is around 300mm, i.e., the first big fan on our list. Despite being made of metal, It is significantly silent, with its noise level being between 40-45 dB for the best experience.

The number of blades is less in this product with four blades, but since the motor is made to deliver a high power, the air delivery is also around 1850 m³/h, sufficient for most of the kitchen.


Easy to clean

High power motor

Low noise level


Requires regular maintenance


4. Havells Ventilair DB 230mm 45-Watt Exhaust Fan

Havells Ventilair DB 230mm is another model with a smaller size but the same specification as Havells Ventilator DB 300mm. Measure acting as the key difference there is a little difference in weight, making the DB 230 weigh around 3.5 kgs, which is quite decent considering that it solely is made out of metal.

The powerful 45-watt motor is almost half of the DB 300 but works completely fine for a kitchen or a bathroom with 1400 RPM that helps sweep 230mm of the area quickly. And dual bearing motor; this exhaust is designed to last long.

This product also comes with a two-year warranty, making it a better buy for consumers, emphasizing the kitchen.


Bird Guard


Low vibrations


A little less RPM


5. Usha Crisp Air 150mm Sweep Size, 240mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan (White)

Usha is one of the mainstream evergreen companies that have developed and sold first-class goods to access the Indian market fast. This Usha Crisp Air exhaust fan fits with a bay size of 150mm and a duct size of 200mm.

Not weighing much, the Crisp Air 150 fits conveniently into a 7-inch crack or space. The efficient engine shows performance in relative silence. This exhaust fan provides a high-speed output that can also be seen from its RPM, i.e., 1386. Crisp Air 150 exhaust fan uses 30 watts of energy to make it power-friendly.

Its modest suction strength makes it very good for Indian bathrooms. Their optimal designs allow them to work well, even in small fitting holes. The narrow blades are large enough to demonstrate powerful efficiency.



Low maintenance

Modest Suction


1-year Warranty


6. Bajaj Maxio 150 mm Exhaust Fan (Steel)

Bajaj is a well-trusted and well-renowned brand in the Indian market. All its product is of superior quality and its builds also being affordable. The Bajaj Maxio is one of its most stunning and unique designed products with engineering at its best.

At first glance, the product seems too futuristic to be real, but as you give a good look from all angles, you realize the actual design behind it. Behind the front structure is a three-blade fan connected with a powerful motor 21W that can quickly generate an RPM of 2000 which is the highest on our list. The body is rustproof which guarantees the long life of the exhaust fan. Bajaj secures this product with a 2-year guarantee that assures replacement too. It is the lightest on our list with a weight of around 1 kg.

The installation is the same as it is in any of the exhaust fans on our list. The plastic used in this fan is considered the most robust plastic on our list: absolute plastic. It usually lasts long enough and stays in place for a more extended period.


Very lightweight


Efficient Design


Small in dimensions


7. Bajaj Maxima 150Mm Exhaust Fan

As mentioned above, we are already aware of Bajajs reputation in electrical appliances let’s jump to the intro of this other product, my bajaj is Bajaj Maxima 150Mm. This product has been in the market since 2014 and has not been upgraded since it was the most selling exhaust fan. It came on the market with a five-blade fan’s specifications and a copper winding motor that generates a high 1400 RPM with high suction of 150mm. The power requirement of this model was 220/230V AC with 50 HZ.

There is only a single-speed setting, whereas, in the above model, it was a 4-speed setting. It can smoothly function in low power inputs, too, but the only drawback would be less. The airflow is also relatively high for the segment, with an airflow of 17640 CFM. The build material used for the Maxima 150 is also different from that is particular grade plastic. Like other exhausts, this too comes with back flaps to avoid dust entering the space and at the back of the fan.

The fan is pretty much noiseless with minimal noise that can be heard only when paid attention to closely.


Budget exhaust

Light Weight

Efficient and powerful


Flaps at the back are weak.


8. Luminous Vento Deluxe 6 Inch (150 mm) Blade Size Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office (White)

Luminous Vento Deluxe exhaust fan is available in three sizes. So, according to your necessity, you can order one. The width of the sweep in this device is 150 mm.

As we have already seen the bigger variant on the top of the list, we will learn about the smaller one in this section. The motor included in this exhaust fan is 100% copper winding, contributing to the product’s reliability. A total power source of 220 volts is needed to achieve the highest capacity. The body of this lightweight product is rust-proof and can be easily managed with dust safety flaps.

The unit is supplied with a broad-scale vent with high precision. This 7.5-inch device has five blades, which are crafted in aerodynamic style and show maximum efficiency even at low power.


Colour Availability

Small size

High Rpm


Less market availability.


9. Crompton Greaves Trans Air 300 mm Exhaust Fan Grey

Crompton is known for its heavy usage product that lasts long even under low maintenance. The Greaves trans air is one of its most successful products launched in 2017 and has been sold considerably since then.

The stunning grey color makes this product even more stylish and modern, which would suit most walls. It weighs on the higher side, weighing more than 4 kgs. It is quite big compared to the other products on this list but won’t disappoint you when it comes to performance.

The 70-watt motor is powerful enough to generate 1380 RPM, sufficient for the kitchen and the bathroom. It consists of 4 blades designed aerodynamically for better suction. This model comes with a bird grill to protect the vent. The 12-inch structure can easily be installed on any surface type making it installation-friendly and easy to use.


Highly aerodynamic


Low noise




10. Ibell VF 200W Exhaust/Ventilation fan for Home/Office/Kitchen/Bathroom with 200mm Sweep, RPM: 1300(8 inches), White

Ibell is an Indian company that started way back in 2007 and has been delivering successful products ever since. Ibell VF 200 is also one of their initial products that turned out to be a huge success. This product was made focusing primarily on the Indian standard and needs.

The specifications are also according to an Indian house requirement, i.e., it is powered with a 30W copper winding motor with high suction power for better airflow. The duct size is around 9.4 inch which is in the mid-range compared to its counterpart mentioned above. The motor generates an RPM of 1300, which by now you would all be aware is sufficient for its segment. With the high suction motor and five aerodynamic blades, the exhaust can quickly sweep 200mm rapidly.

The back flaps also play a significant role in keeping this exhaust. Dust-free and clean when not in use by making the dust accumulation difficult on the backside. Although the blades are a little smaller in size than the others in the segment, they positively don’t affect its efficiency in any way.


Three years warranty


High suction


Smaller blades


Buyer’s Guide for selecting the right exhaust fan

Various factors affect a buyer’s preference that depends totally on their priorities while buying a product. Similarly, in this section, we would be providing you with some basic info about how to proceed with purchasing the right exhaust fan according to your needs. Let’s start by introducing different types of exhaust fans.

Types of exhaust fans

Wall Mounted

As the name suggests, these fans can be simply mounted on the wall wherever necessary given; a right area is provided. Such fans are perfect if you wouldn’t want to waste a lot of time preparing your fan’s installation spot. These fans are mounted on the exterior wall wherever you want them to be. It allows the air to escape through the fan itself.


Usually installed on the house’s exterior, these fans’ primary purpose is to suck the inside air and throw it outside, keeping the area well ventilated. If a noise-free vent is your buying purpose, it’s the right option for you as it usually keeps the noise out of the place as it is installed in your site’s exterior.


People aiming for better airflow throughout their site should prefer these types of exhausts if their primary focus is proper ventilation. As they are mounted on your site’s roof or ceiling, these fans suck the air from your site’s inside, leading it to the outside through a small hole. The backside of such kind of fans is towards the exterior of the roof or ceiling.


Factors Affecting Your purchase


What matters the most is the area where you will install the exhaust fan. It is a critical factor that you need to evaluate at first. You need to pick the right size vent that suits your kitchen or bathroom with ease and would be able to maintain the airflow in the desired manner. If your space area is more than 100 sq ft, you will need more than one exhaust fan as the suction power required would be more.


Efficiency is a crucial element for most of us out there, be it any electronic gadget or device, because, without it, the whole product can be a failure. When the exhaust fan has a high-efficiency rating, it can produce better output at a lower power supply. Investing in branded goods can be helpful since they are 75% energy-consuming. Many companies focus on this factor more than any other aspect, which is also the top priority for many consumers.


CFM stands for Cubic Feet per meter, which indicates the volume of air circulating per minute. Generally, the CFM volume range of exhaust fans is between 50 and 100, and the content of sweep sizes is between 200 and 300, although it depends on the size of your kitchen or bathroom.

Power Consumption

Highly powered motors come with high CFM and sweep performance, but they also consume a lot of energy. Silent generators, on the other hand, use less electricity. For exhaust fans with reliability and the capacity to achieve efficient results, it is also essential to ensure maximum power usage.


Testing the fan’s noise level might seem irrelevant, but it’s worth looking at before buying. Exhaust fans with heavy motors can prove out to be annoying due to high noise generation. Make sure you’ve got an exhaust fan that operates quietly by testing the Sones stage.

The Sones’ importance can serve as an indicator of whether or not the noise will be bearable.

The lower the rating, the better it is. 1 to 2 is an acceptable set of values. If the numbers are below 1, it is often easier to go for that particular product.

Blade material

The blades are made from either metal or plastic material. Unlike kitchen exhaust fans, bathroom exhaust fans do not need special features such as preventing gas or food vapor accumulation, etc. As a result, the materials used to build the blades add to the fan’s overall structural efficiency. Metal blades ensure longevity but arent resistant to corrosion but are relatively long-lasting.

Plastic blades are light, inexpensive, and long-lasting enough. As a result, exhaust fans made of plastics are ideally suited for bathrooms. Whereas for the kitchen, you can prioritize the metal blade ones.

Structural Design and color

There seem to be a few common styles and shades available in bathroom and kitchen exhaust fan models. The most popular color is white. It would go along with any interiors and contribute to your bathroom and kitchen’s modernity being preserved. Plastic-bodied exhaust fans are better if your place’s overall look is a critical aspect for you.


When you purchase the best exhaust fan for the kitchen, you’ll get several brand names that give you the best design, specifications, etc. But it is often recommended that only trustworthy products should be selected.

Warranty period

Many Exhaust fans are offered with a warranty term of up to 2 years. A significant number of labels compensate for replacements, breakages, and industrial errors. Still choose a brand that offers a higher warranty span.


Exhaust fans don’t cost too much. The price ranges from 800 to 2000 INR. Quality goods can be bought at a higher price point. The budgeting of this appliance is not necessary. Other deals can be obtained via different online platforms.



Benefits of Exhaust Fans

Now that we know the various factors affecting buyers’ needs let’s lookout for the services these appliances provide. Exhaust fans are small but essential appliances whose features will help you in multiple segments, especially in the bathroom. Let’s acknowledge the most important ones.

Vapors and odor

Proper air circulation and ventilation facilitate the removal of vapors and odors from the interior of the toilet. Air fresheners would only cover them, and they wouldn’t last long, anyway, although an exhaust fan would help you preserve a scent-free bathroom and keep the gross smell from spreading to other spaces.


Exhaust fans replace the moist air on the inside, resulting in a decrease in space’s moisture content that results in a less-warmer and softer circulation of clean air in the bathrooms.


As stated earlier, exhaust fans improve airflow and naturally turn the heat down in kitchens and the bathroom as the temperature increases above the usual amount. Which a boon for people cooking in the kitchen.

Helps save fortune

Increased smoke or moisture content in a space can adversely alter the appearance and construction of the walls. They can be prevented by merely adding an exhaust fan, especially in areas like the kitchen where regular and excessive smoke gets generated.



How do I choose an exhaust fan for my kitchen?

There are various factors such as Area, Cost, the Warranty period, Brand, Structural Design and color, Blade material, Noise, Power Consumption, Capacity, and efficiency, as mentioned above.

Which exhaust fan is better, plastic or metal?

Although it entirely depends on your choice, metal is usually preferred for the kitchen, and plastic exhausts should be picked for the bathroom.

Will exhaust fan reduce humidity and heat?

Almost all of the modern houses comply with exhaust fans already built. Bathroom ventilation fans and vent fans for your kitchen will be the secret to keeping your home down in humidity. Improved air circulation can do well to decrease moisture and uniformly disperse the hotter air from your site’s ventilation.

What is the difference between the exhaust fan and a ventilation fan?

Their functionality is the most significant distinction between the two styles of fans. Although the ventilation fan acts to carry filtered air into the sealed space from the outside, the exhaust fan eliminates emissions from the indoor air in the household or commercial space.

Can the exhaust fan cool the room?

An exhaust fan is handy for the house, indoor air quality, and safety of the inhabitants. Exhaust fans will efficiently cool off places that have become too hot from things like cooking or bathing. Hot air gets blown outdoors, reducing the temperature of space without the use of any cooling device.

Types of exhaust fans

There are generally three types of exhaust fans, namely Wall mounted, exterior, and roof mounter exhaust fans selected depending on their usability.



Exhaust fans are also an essential and reliable product, which is a must for improved air circulation. It helps to make natural ventilation and airflow more efficient. After evaluating a vast number of exhaust fans and carrying out proper research on their long-term use, we have picked the best exhaust fans in India, as mentioned above.

Among these exhaust fans, we recommend that you go with luminous Vento Deluxe 250mm, which is best of all in terms of features, specifications, and long term use. All the overhead mentioned exhaust fans had made their place in our list only after proving themselves worthy of their functions.

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