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Modern Kitchen Chimney

Indian cooking is not limited to our ‘Desi Khanna’ anymore. With changing times, our love for food is leading us to experiment with creative recipes.

Every day hundreds of new recipes are evolving. However, all this innovation with a variety of spices, curry, and greasy food is happening right in our kitchen.

Therefore, we need to prepare our kitchen to deal with the harmful effects of oily particles and toxic fumes. And the best way we can do this is by upgrading our kitchen with a modern kitchen chimney.

Now you must be wondering which brand of kitchen chimney is ruling the market right now. The major competition is between Elica vs Faber.

While Elica has the upper hand over silent chimneys and is better priced, Faber provides a wide range of powerful chimneys.

Auto CleanMost of the Kitchen chimney models of Elica come with an Auto Clean feature. Like Elica most of the Faber kitchen chimney models have a feature of Auto-cleaning.
Suction PowerHas the model with the highest suction capacity of 1425 cubic meters per hour.The maximum suction capacity of 1500 cubic meters per hour.
Post Installation ServicesThis brand lacks in after-sales service supports. As you need to hire a local engineer for the same.Faber after-sale service support but it’s not that much hassle-free as expected.
Silent ChimneyThis brand has a unique series of models offering silent chimneys.Generally, Faber chimney models do not create noises but they are not silent as Elica models.
WarrantyUsually, 5 years on Motor and 1 year on product.5 years on Motor and 1 year on product.


Now let us review each and every aspect of a kitchen chimney and after reading this section you will be able to choose which kitchen chimney will be the right fit for your kitchen.


Elica vs Faber Kitchen Chimney


1) Auto-Clean Feature :-

Auto-cleaning chimneys as compared to traditional chimneys are way more efficient. Auto-cleaning chimneys usually have automatic non-stick aluminum blowers which enable all the harmful fumes to pass through easily and collect the oily particles in a separate oil collector attached to these chimneys.

Comparing the availability of this feature in Elica vs Faber chimney, we can say that all three brands have a variety of models with the auto-clean feature. However, people get confused between Elica vs Faber chimneys as both have their filterless auto-clean chimneys and they have a high success rate.

But from our personal experience, we would recommend you to opt for Elica chimneys because the quality of baffle filters used in their auto-clean chimneys is a bit better than Faber auto-clean chimneys. Likewise, many users have claimed that the auto-clean function in their chimneys has made their task of maintaining and cleaning the chimney a stress-free experience.

Elica’s best auto-clean chimney at present is Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with two baffle filters.

Winner:- Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

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2) Suction Power:-

The suction power presents the volume of air that the kitchen chimney sucks in and throws out. The wider your kitchen is, the more suction power in a chimney you would need.

Now, let’s analyze which brand out of Elica vs Faber produces chimneys with maximum suction power. Although both Elica and Faber have chimneys with high suction power, Faber has won against Elica by a little difference.

The highest suction power used in the top Elica chimneys is 1425m3/hr. But Faber provides 1500m3/hr suction power in its chimney. Faber has a variety of chimneys with suction power 1500 m3/hr but Faber 90cm 1500 m3/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney is the best of all.

To know how much suction power your kitchen chimney should have, multiply the volume of your kitchen by 10. For example, if your kitchen is 10sq.Ft. in area and 3.5 metres in height, then its volume would be 10×3.5=35.

When you multiply it by 10, the answer would be 350, which means your kitchen requires at least 350m3/hr suction power chimney.

Winner:- Faber 90 cm 1500 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

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3) Silent Chimney:-

First things first, the concept of a ‘Silent Chimney’ is a myth. However, there is an ongoing battle between Elica vs Faber chimney to manufacture chimneys that can be considered noiseless.

Elica has its copyright technology called Elica Deep Silence technology(EDS) which has made its chimneys remarkably soundless. Similarly, Faber has claimed to be the first to incorporate active noise reduction technology called Sil-K Act technology in its chimneys.

Still, after testing the top silent chimneys from both brands, we give our thumbs up to Elica. The reason behind this is that not only its EDS3 technology is a bit more efficient than Faber’s Sil-K Act technology but also because it has added sound filtering pads in its silent chimneys to increase their performance

For this reason, Elica Deep Silent Chimney is far superior to any of Faber’s silent chimneys.

Winner:- Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology

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4) Filter:-

Crucial in recycling, a filter is a lifeline of any kitchen chimney, no matter the brand. There are mainly three types of filters, Mesh Filter, Baffle Filter, and Carbon Filter.

Although all three filters have their merits, the baffle filter is the most suitable for Indian kitchens. Unlike other filters, there are added advantages of baffle filters that lead them to step ahead of others.

Baffle filters are basically made up of curved plates of stainless steel and heavy-duty aluminum. These curved plates suck up all kinds of fumes emitted from the cooking and evacuate them out of the kitchen through the chimney, resulting in a smoke-free cooking experience.

Also, the baffle filters use the ‘cut & splash’ method to separate the fat from the fumes and allow the gas particles to leave the chimney. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance effort. You can easily detach the filter once every two months and dishwash them to clean it.

So there is no winner or loser here since every brand provides baffle filters if not every then in some of their products.

Still, if you are looking for the best then we would recommend Faber 60 cm 1500 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney


5) Customer service:-

The comparison of the customer service department between Elica vs Faber is a bit complicated.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Faber customer service department, we faced the same problem the other users have faced, i.e., dealing with an inefficient technician.

Though the technician who came to install our chimney was untrained, and he took hours to complete the process, at least he got the job done. But other users weren’t that fortunate as per their experiences.

However, if we have to give ratings to the customer service of the brand Elica, we will give them two stars. They are known for their rude behavior if the reviews from Amazon and other websites are to be believed.

From ignoring the calls for days to forcing hidden installation charges, they disappointed us with their services. So in case you are also getting trouble with their services, just take our piece of advice and contact any local technician to install your chimney.

Having said that, we would also like to point out that the installation service of every brand is different in every city. So just because the customer service of a brand in a particular city is inappropriate, it doesn’t mean the same for all cities.


6) Replacement Policy:-

Now let us give you the difference in the replacement policy of Elica vs Faber chimney.

Elica has a ‘Dead On Arrival’ policy which claims that a customer can replace the damaged product only if they report it within one day of its arrival. However, if they report late or if the product is installed and stopped working after day one, the product will only get repaired and not replaced.

Unlike Elica, the replacement policy of Faber is much better. They offer 15 days to the customers to return any defective product they receive. But they have also stated that if a customer misreports the damage, then the return policy will be nullified, and the repair charges will increase.


7) Warranty:-

When it comes to the warranty, there is a similarity between Elica vs Faber Chimney. Although both these brands offer a one-year warranty on the overall product and a five-year warranty on the motor, in most of their models. Still, some of their models have the benefits of extended warranty and lifetime warranty too.

Having said that, it’s time to share a harsh truth. Many Elica and Faber chimney users have stated that contrary to their claims, they charge extra expenses even if the product is under warranty period.



Our final opinion on the competition between Elica vs Faber Kitchen Chimney will start with Elica

Its silent chimneys with the auto-clean feature are the most promising as compared to the other two brands. Elica Deep Silent Chimney is on top when it comes to the noiseless chimney. On the other hand, Elica is far behind with its inadequate ‘within one-day replacement policy.

Faber kitchen chimneys have the best suction power capacity of 1500 meters/hour. Also, it has 3-way suction power, which is yet to be found in the Elica. Faber 90 cm with 1500 m3/hr is the best suction power chimney on the market.

However, we are also enlisting some of the models from all three brands, and these models are very closely competing with each other in the race.


Elica Vs Faber Vs Kaff Video Comparison:-

Let us have a glance at some of the promising kitchen chimneys.


1. Faber 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney 

Available on Amazon

Faber is one of the worldwide leading brands in Kitchen Chimney. They are second on our list due to their commitment to consumer safety and the quality of the product. Faber 60cm 1200 m3/hr kitchen chimney is suitable for a gas stove of 2 to 4 burners. Its black color curved glass elegant design makes it more appealing in looks. This smart kitchen chimney makes its user enable to keep their kitchen décor clean with a click of a button because of Auto Clean Technology.

However, it leaves no single particle of oil and smoke in the kitchen surrounding with its highest suction power of 1500 cubic meters per hour. Its LED lamps and baffle filters will make your cooking experience more soothing. When it comes to controlling the chimney it seems to be an easy task with a fitted touch panel in front of the chimney. Moreover, its powerful motor comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • It has 2 baffle filters and 2 LED lamps.
  • Comes with Auto Clean Technology feature
  • Touch Panel for operating a chimney.
  • Powerful motor with a maximum suction power of 1500 cubic meters per hour.
  • Detachable oil collector.
  • Best wall-mounted chimney.
  • Black color superior quality body material with curved glass elegant design.
  • Warranty for 5 years on motor and 1 year on product.


  • Somewhat Noisy
  • Not-so-good customer service

Available on Amazon



2. Elica 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney 

Available on Amazon

This product from the house of Elica fulfills all the key factors of the checklist starting from design to the warranty and after-sale service too. Elica 60cm Auto Clean chimney comes with an elegant design that perfectly enhances the décor and grace of your kitchen. Even for easy access to every single feature of the product, it comes with the Touch Control Panel. Moreover, it keeps your kitchen fresh and clean with a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour and inbuilt baffle filters.

Also, you can clean your chimney by pushing a button as its heat auto clean technology enables the user to get rid of sticky elements. Even its LED lamps make you more efficient while cooking. In fact, its oil collector and compact dimensions will make your kitchen smarter in looks with no tension of grease and dirt in the kitchen.


  • 2 baffle filters
  • Heat Auto Clean Technology
  • 2 LED Lamps and Touch Control Panel
  • The maximum suction power of 1200 cubic meters per hour
  • Oil collector for convenient collection of harmful oil and dirt particles
  • Durable, rust-free, and superior quality body material.
  • Elegantly designed with toughened quality finishing.
  • Warranty for motor and product for 5 years and 1 year respectively.


  • Less powerful suction power than Faber’s above model.
  • Somewhat Noisy
  • Not so good customer service

Available on Amazon


We hope, after reviewing the above part of the article you will be able to compare the Brands based on factors required to be kept in mind while choosing the best kitchen chimney for the cooking Lab.

Even you can consider other factors in addition to the above-mentioned factors for your satisfaction.

Many of us still have lots of questions regarding the kitchen chimney. It may be about the material, usage, etc. So, in the next section, we will try to address some of the common questions that come into mind.


What factors need to be considered for a kitchen chimney?

  • Auto Clean Chimney: Before buying a chimney you should check whether it has an auto-clean chimney feature or not. It means the chimney will have inbuilt oil collectors in a chimney that will save your cleaning time.
  • Filter/ Fliterless: While choosing a kitchen chimney filters are the most important factor to be considered. Firstly decide whether you want to have a filter-based or filterless chimney. And, if you choose a filter based then which type of filter you will prefer. However among mesh, baffle, and carbon filters most chimney users go with baffle filters. As it is very easy to clean and maintain. Also, it restrains the grease from escaping while allowing the harmful smoke to escape.
  • Suction Power: It is the powerful ability of the chimney to suck smoke, grease, and odor. It is measurable in meters cubic per hour. The suction capacity depends on primary factors like the size of the kitchen. However, a chimney with a suction capacity of 700 to 1000 cubic meters per hour will work effectively. Else if you have a small size kitchen then can opt for a 500 to 600 cubic meters per hour suction capacity chimney.
  • Customer Service: This factor can be reviewed on two bases i.e. customer service at the time of delivery and installation whether they are installing on the same day of delivery or not. And, the second one is customer services post installation like repairs and maintenance of the kitchen chimney.
  • Silent Chimney: There can be a very loud chimney. By installing a silent kit, it can be minimized as it controls the air circulation. A chimney that is less noisy or comes with an inbuilt silent package will be suitable for your kitchen.
  • Warranty: Multiple brands offer different durations of warranty. Many of them offers a year warranty and some of them promise a lifetime warranty. Moreover, some of the brands also give specific duration warranty for some of the important parts like filters, oil collectors, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions – Kitchen Chimney


  • Why do users prefer baffle filters over other types of filters?

The baffle filters are important for separating oily molecules from harmful smoke. However, the smoke passes outside the exterior, while the grease and oil particles get stored in the oil collector.

  • Is the cleaning of an oil collector a tedious task?

No, cleaning an oil collector is a very easy process as it is removable in various brands of kitchen chimneys. All you need to wipe out all the stored oil and afterward clean it with the detergent solution and water.

  • How frequently do chimney filters require cleaning?

The cleaning requirement depends upon the form of particles and dirt it sucks. Or we can say the amount of smoke and harmful fumes collected on the filter. However, quarterly cleaning is more than enough. But, if you clean the filters on a biweekly or weekly basis then they can long live in the chimney.

  • Does the auto-clean chimney have any kind of advantage?

Most of the chimneys are coming with an auto cleaning feature or heat auto cleaning feature. This is an effective feature that helps in the automatic cleaning of baffle filters. Moreover, it restricts the greasy and oily elements from sticking to the filter area which improves the suction capacity of the chimney. 

  • What is the prerequisite height for installing a kitchen chimney?

If you have a normal dimensional kitchen then the suitable height for installing a kitchen chimney ranges between 26 to 30 inches above the cooktop. However, if your kitchen has different dimensions then you can adjust its installation accordingly. All you need to ensure that it will not bang on your head while completing cooking tasks.


Final Words – Elica v/s Faber 

  • Choosing the best from all three brands are recognized brands around the world can be a tricky task. As users are appreciating their quality, performance, after-sale services, etc. Moreover, no brand can fulfill all the points of our checklist. So, we have to we are required to prioritize the comparison parameters as per our preference.
  • But Ventilation should be on the top of the checklist. However, even after reading this article, you are still facing some confusion while choosing the best brand kitchen chimney. Then, the excellent way is to do extensive research and talk with the current users from whom you can concern and get an honest review of the product.
  • And, if you follow the advice stated in the article or by the professionals. Then, you can select the best one among Elica or Faber. I hope this piece of information will serve your purpose. All the Best…

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