How to Clean An Auto Clean Chimney

Kitchen Chimneys are such a wonderful piece of technical craftsmanship. It was once considered a huge luxury but right now it is used in almost all households.


The Concept of Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys

So far kitchen chimneys have technically evolved so much, and are now equipped with advanced filters and the auto-clean or the self-clean feature. If you are using a kitchen chimney and are you finding it difficult to clean it? Or simply clueless about what to do?

I’m not a mind-reader but you might be wondering why there’s a need to clean an auto clean chimney. What makes the auto-clean chimneys different from the normal chimneys? We do have an answer.

Most of the auto clean chimneys available in the market are either powered by thermal-based systems or a water-based systems.

In a thermal-based chimney, the amount of heat generated during the auto-clean process, at specific points of the chimney, helps in melting out the impurities the chimney has collected from the kitchen so far.

In this way, during the auto-clean process, the impurities and blended with the oil particles, settled as oil vapors get heated up and melt into the oil basket, which is kept beneath the chimney. You just have to remove the oil basket and clean it.

In the case of normal chimneys, it requires manual cleaning on every inch of the chimney, even its interiors which is a complex task. So auto clean chimneys are a great piece of technical master craft, which has simplified the whole process of chimney cleaning.

The same goes for water-powered auto clean chimneys, as water circulates and completes the job for the users, which can be collected using the oil collector which is set beneath the chimney.

There are a number of popular kitchenette brands that deal with auto clean and regular kitchen chimneys. Some of them have their own features set up, like additional filters, special cleaning instructions, etc.

No worries, you are at the right place. We are going to discuss four different kitchen chimney brands, with the auto clean chimneys which are entirely different from each other.

Keep reading to find out more about how to clean the auto clean chimneys with a little manual touch, not one but four different brands are discussed here.



1) How to Clean Kutchina Auto Clean Chimney

Kutchina is one of the most preferred brands in the range of auto clean kitchen chimneys. So let’s find out with the help of some simple steps, how to clean the Kutchina auto clean chimney.

First of all, get ready with the following apparatus. A screwdriver to remove and fix the panels, kerosene, a soft scrubber, and a clean dry cloth.

So start with removing the first layer of the panel, the grease filter, using the screwdriver to unscrew the filter and keep it aside.

Now you’ll be able to see and touch the oil collector. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the oil collector and keep this one aside too. Now you are all set to begin with the cleaning process.

Apply kerosene on the scrubber (a non-scratchy one preferred). Now rub and brush to clean the grease filter. Now it’s time to clean the hood body and surface. Use kerosene and a soft scrub to carefully clean the interiors of the chimney.

Warning: Do not apply too much pressure

You can clean the edges and the circumference of the interior and exterior of the chimney using this method. After completing this process, use a clean dry cloth to wipe the interior and exterior surface of the chimney to remove the marks.

You’re all set now to put back the oil collector and completely dried grease filter to their respective positions.


2) How to Clean Hindware auto clean chimney

Let’s hop on to our second brand of chimneys, Hindware, and how to clean Hindware auto clean chimneys.

Hindware auto clean chimneys have an auto-clean water inlet feature, which helps in the collection of the impurities and the oil, getting drained to the removable oil collector which is fit into the base of the chimney.

So open the lid on the surface of the chimney and pour water into the hole and you can see it gets collected in the detachable water collector set at the bottom.

Now after pouring the water, hit the auto clean button which initiates the water movement inside the chimney, as the water starts getting circulated. It’ll take nearly 45 seconds to one minute to settle and that’s all it takes for the whole cleaning process.

You’ll get to see a whitish color at the end of the process and repeat this process at a 15-day gap to get rid of the impurities settled on your kitchen chimney.



3) How to Clean Faber Auto Clean Chimney

 Faber is a very popular brand, especially when it comes to the kitchen essentials division. So let’s take a look at how to clean Faber’s auto clean chimney in an easy way.

Faber auto clean kitchen chimneys are available in both filtered and filterless versions. In the filterless ones, you can only find a metal mesh panel for the initial layer.

There’s an auto-clean button right among the set of other operating buttons, with the sign of an anti-clockwise arrow. Now press and hold it for 3 seconds to turn on the auto-clean function.

It’ll take approximately nine minutes to complete the auto-clean process. The chimney gets heated at some of the specific points to melt the impurities of oil into the oil basket kept at the base of the chimney.

Only some of the parts like the exhaust and the motor gets heated up during the auto-clean process. It forces the oil to melt and makes a quick and clean deposit of the impurities on the oil basket.

Warning: Turn off the kitchen chimney before beginning with the manual cleaning process

Now after completion of the auto-clean process, you are free to remove the mesh and the oil basket. Both of them can be removed quite easily with bare hands and you may not need a screwdriver or any tough apparatus here.

Use the same apparatus, a scrub, and kerosene, or any other alternative like vim gel liquid to wipe and clean the mesh. In the case of a filtered chimney, use hot water and dip the filter in it.

You can also use the scrub to clean the interiors of the chimney in the same way. After cleaning, use a dry cloth over the cleaned surface and you are all set to reinstall the mesh and the oil basket.


4) How to Clean Elica Auto Clean Chimney

Elica is another major brand dealing with smart kitchen essentials. So let’s start with the how-to clean Celica auto clean chimney tutorial.

Elica auto clean chimney uses a heat auto-clean process, which is a part of its label, Elica HAC, or Elica Heat Auto Clean Chimney. Apparently, this one doesn’t require any manual cleaning.

You’ll find the auto clean button on the control panel of the kitchen chimney. Press it, to begin with, the auto cleaning process which heats certain points of the chimney interior to melt out the oil impurities.

The process will take nearly 10 minutes but you may have to wait for another 10 minutes until the oil gets completely drained into the oil collector which is set beneath the kitchen chimney.

So roughly after 20 minutes, you can remove the oil collector with your bare hands, as it is a sliding collector. Upon its removal, you can even see the interiors of the kitchen chimney, the heating areas, and the tube connected to it.

The small tube connects the flow of entire oil impurities collected into the oil collector which makes it pretty easy to clean the kitchen chimney.

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